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We have a contract with invoicing company Netpoint Factoring. This means that Netpoint will send you invoices for the treatment costs. If you are additionally insured, Netpoint will charge the insured part directly to your health insurer. For the (possibly) uninsured part, you will receive a bill from Netpoint.


The rates for dental treatment procedures are set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) and are the same for everyone. The rates for 2019 are set as below:

* The costs of dental technology that are necessary for the treatment and extra have been purchased by the care provider and the costs of the materials that can be specifically attributed to the relevant performance. The consumption materials are explicitly not meant here. For the performances where material and technical costs can be charged separately, this is indicated by one asterisk in the present policy rule and tariff decision.
** The laboratory costs of the external bacteriological laboratory examination that can be specifically attributed to the relevant performance. For the services to which this may apply, this is indicated in the present policy rule and tariff decision with two asterisks.
*** Depending on the stage at which the dental work takes place.

The above information is derived from the official tariff decision of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa), which is always leading in case of discrepancies. The dentist or the KNMT is not liable for errors in the data or for damage that is the result of, or is related to the use of the data.

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